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The Shrubbery School, Sutton Coldfield
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Birds of Prey

15th Jan 2018

On Friday 12th January two ladies came to show us five birds of prey because we are learning about predators.  These birds were an american kestrel, a tawny owl, a saker falcon, a buzzard and a spectacled owl.  The ladies and birds came from Hagley Falconry Centre.  The ladies names were Abbie and Fiona and the birds were called Tom, Gaston, Socks, Sunny and Mr Jangles.  Gaston was a very noisy owlet because he thinks that people are his parents.  They told us that the saker falcons punch to get their prey and tawny owls are nocturnal. American kestrels have two dots and a line on the back of their heads to look like eyes and a beak so they don't get caught by bigger birds.  However british kestrels do not have these markings so that leads to not many british kestrels being left.

By Indira and Nuha